Research Tool

August 15, 2011

Supply chain Network Simulator Using Cloud Computing – CDP10-SCNS

The goal of this CELDi Center Designated Project is to enhance previously developed multi-echelon supply chain simulation software so that it can be used by CELDi organizations through a SaaS architecture that leverages the resources available within cloud computing (CC) At the end of this project, CELDi member organizations will have available to them a SaaS/Cloud computing application capable of evaluating the performance of multi-echelon supply networks through simulation. This software architecture will facilitate software benefits based on a usage model and develop expertise within the center for this new computing architecture.
August 14, 2014

Modeling and Analysis of Center Point Distribution Network – UA04-WM

This project will model and analyze the Distribution Network of a process and conduct a complete evaluation of the Center Point Distribution Network to determine current utilization levels, routing strategies, and operational procedures.
June 15, 2015

New Product Distribution Network Design and Operation – MU11-BAYR

This project focuses on developing tools to estimate market potential and to design the distribution network and operational plans for a new product delivery system.