The Value Proposition of CELDi

Dedicated theme that brings together like minded researchers (academics, students) and practitioners (companies, organizations) for the shared purpose of investing in research to advance the state of knowledge in an area for mutual benefit.
Faculty and student benefits
Company and organization benefits
Exposure to real problems and industrial partners
Generation of new publishable knowledge
Resources to work in an area
Education and new solutions on industrially relevant problems
Return on investment: cost savings, new products/services
Pipeline of potential employees
One to two faculty researchers and one to two student researchers to work on dedicated project.
Ability to network with other corporate members.
Participation in and voting on Center Designated Projects that benefit all members of CELDi.
Access to current and past researcher projects throughout the life of CELDi.

What People Are Saying

“I am gaining better insight to other portions of Industrial Engineering outside of my previous experience in Quality/Operations.”

“In addition to our project, I have the ability to see other projects and results; network and discuss today’s problems.”

“I have a source to obtain government research funding.”

“I have access to interns, new hires, in-depth technical research on a project directly specifically at our company, and the ‘aura’ of NSF, CELDi and Mizzou association.”

“I’m getting undergraduate research, a strong network of potential companies to work for, as well as practical industry experience.”

“I continue to get value from the projects as well as the interaction with the other business partners.”

“Good networking opportunities”

“A great forum for presenting my research and learning about others’ projects.”

“Excellent directed project work; networking; perspective from logistics angle from a variety of companies/projects.”