Air Liquide: Bulk Tank Allocation Project Leads to Improved Asset Utilization
Faced with a challenging resource allocation project, Air Liquide and CELDi researchers at Virginia Tech assembled an international team that developed a Bulk Tank Allocation tool to reallocate resources and reduce annualized tank investment and distribution costs. This CELDi project is targeting increased productivity with bottom-line impact.
IE Challenge: Working with Arkansas Educators
The IE Challenge brings industrial engineering and logistics concepts into junior high and high school classrooms in Arkansas. Launched in 2006, CELDi faculty work with teachers across the state to prepare students for the annual IE Challenge competition on the University of Arkansas campus. The program continues to grow in size and popularity with students, teachers and parents. Last year, 35 teams competed to solve an IE design problem. Read more about the IE Challenge and other CELDi work in education.
MCH: Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas
CELDi Researchers at Texas Tech University and Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas teamed up to improve patient flow and reduce discharge times. The CELDi project has results in savings of $250,000 for the hospital in the initial phase and the CELDi team is moving ahead with the next phase of the project
UPS INTEGRAD: Safety Training System for Generation Y
CELDi Researchers at Virginia Tech teamed up with United Parcel Service in the project, “UPS INTEGRAD: Safety Training System for Generation Y Delivery Service Providers.” Through the development of a computer-based training system designed for today's generation Y drivers, UPS delivers new training with a focus on safety. UPS has implemented several new state-of-the-art training facilities using the now trademarked UPS Integrad System.
Walmart: Networking Merchandise Logistics
Partnering with CELDi engineering faculty and students at the University of Arkansas to collect data and perform in-depth analysis has created opportunities for Walmart to reallocate resources, rethink job activities and better manage how it uses personnel hours. CELDi projects delivered increased productivity with bottom-line impact.