CELDi membership provides a wide range of benefits

Member-specified project utilizing the expertise and resources of a university team working with your managers
Shared fundamental research results from other CELDi academic partners provides tremendous leveraging of each member’s research dollars (ex., royalty-free license access to over $5M in previous research)
Access to generalized CELDi work products such as software and technology developed by other CELDi academic partners through pooled research funds
Membership in the CELDi Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) provides opportunity to interact with industrial leaders and researchers in logistics, distribution, and supply chain and provides direction to generalized CELDi work products
Access to top students enables recruiting the best-prepared logistics graduates

How to Join

A CELDi membership begins with discussing your logistics and distribution needs with one of the CELDi Site Directors. The CELDi Director will work with you to ensure that the appropriate match is made in terms of research area and university affiliation. At that point, the Site Director will arrange a meeting to discuss CELDi in more detail.

If you are interested in joining CELDi as an academic partner, please review our guidelines for new academic partners.

CELDi Director: Burak Eksioglu, Director