Research Tool

June 15, 2015

Comprehensive Selective Maintenance Decision-Making in an Autonomous Environment – YR3 UA-AFRL 2015

The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive selective maintenance model that considers multiple systems and allows for the planning horizon to expand and to incorporate important concepts such as component aging, imperfect maintenance, cannibalization and workforce shaping into the new selective maintenance models
June 15, 2015

Integrated Freight Consolidation and Shipping Models in International Supply Networks – CDP12-IFCS

This project integrates a three-dimensional bin packing problem and a mode selection problem in the international consolidation context. The objective is to minimize the total costs involved in the global supply chain, including ocean container costs, handling costs, Truckload (TL) and Less-than-truck (LTL) costs.
June 15, 2015

Software for estimating key performance measures in manufacturing and distribution systems – UL07-FAPH

This project develops a new dynamic system model to calculate production scheduling.