Research Publications

CELDi Research Related Publications

CELDi produces publishable results. In our effort to contribute to our membership knowledge base and facilitate technology transfer in the field of logistics and distribution, CELDi is developing a publication list of past and present research projects. This list is currently under construction and is intended to serve as a small selection of our recent CELDi research related publications. A Selection of Recent CELDi Research Related Publications:


Pazour, Jennifer A , Meller, Russell D , "An analytical model for A-frame system design", IIE Transactions. Vol. 43, Iss. 10, p. 739. (2011)


Buyurgan, N., M.D. Rossetti, and R.T. Waker, “An Analysis of Imperfect RFID Visibility in a Multi-echelon Supply Chain”, International Journal of Logistics Systems Management, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 431-455, (2010).
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Gaohao Luo, Mustafa Sir, James Noble and Henry Liu, "Freight Capsule Control in an Underground Freight Pipeline System”, Proceedings of the 2010 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Cancun, Mexico, June 2010
AliReza Madadi, Mary Beth Kurz, Kevin Taaffe, Scott Mason, Edward Pohl, Sarah Root, and Mustafa Y. Sir, "Managing Disruptions in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Networks", Proceedings of the 2010 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Cancun, Mexico, June 2010


Samuel Trevino, Phichet Wutthisirisart, James Noble, and Alec Chang, "A heuristic approach for order-based warehouse slotting", Proceedings of the 2009 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Miami, FL, May 2009.
Carr, S. and W. Jang, "Hub Arc Selection for Freight Consolidation", Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Hong Kong, December, 2009.


Bono, K, "Inventory Ordering Policies with Flexible Order Quantities and Emergency Orders", University of Missouri, MS Thesis, 2011.


Phichet Wutthisirisart, "Relation Based Item Slotting", University of Missouri, MS Thesis, 2010.


Sean Carr, "Hub arc selection for less-than-truckload consolidation", University of Missouri, MS Thesis, 2008.
Matthew Roman, "Disaggregate forecasting models: application to Ameren UE's transformer usage”, University of Missouri, MS Thesis, 2008.