June 15, 2015

Development of Ad-hoc Communication Strategies for Homeland Security Logistics Management – TT08-REU2

Sponsor: National Science Foundation Research Team: Timothy Matis Universities Involved: Texas Tech University Start Date: 01/01/08 End Date: 12/31/08 Summary: A MANET is a multihop wireless network in which mobile nodes communicate without the support of existing infrastructure. In this network, each node has the capability of being a source, […]
June 15, 2015

The Oklahoma Supply Chain and Logistics Survey – OSU06-OMA

This project conducted a survey that aimed at identifying how the different companies in an area manage their logistics, as well as, to identify best practices and areas for improvement.
June 15, 2015

Cotton Gin Waste Research – TT06-CTTN

Sponsor: Cotton Incorporated Research Team: Terry R. Collins, Joshua P. Jones, James L. Simonton, Lisa Patviviatisiri, Tosanwumi Maku Universities Involved: Texas Tech University Start Date: 01/01/06 End Date: 12/31/06 Summary: The objective of this project is to create a representative cost model that can be used in later work to […]