June 15, 2015

Cognitive Decision Support in a Sense and Respond Environment – YR4 UA05-AF3

Future logistics systems must be: This project develops an adaptive and flexible logistic system that is able to s upport joint fighting force across services and with cross-organizational and cross-cultural capability. This project also develops technologies and processes that advocate a more dynamic logistics support system
June 15, 2015

Design and Structural Analysis of the Modular Pallet System Developed for Container Roll-in/out Platform – OU05-DAC

This project studies and determines the capability and feasibility of a modular pallet system from project OU3-DAC2.
June 15, 2015

Equipment Scheduling and Optimization – OSU05-HLBT

The objective of this project is to increase asset utilization and efficiency, optimize assignment to jobs, develop an optimization model to model backup requirements for equipment failures, and robust assignments to jobs.