June 15, 2015

Revenue Management in Logistics and Distribution – NSF Supp 07

Sponsor: National Science Foundation Research Team: Ricki Ingalls Universities Involved: Oklahoma State University Start Date: 08/01/07 End Date: 12/31/08 Summary: In recent years, retail and manufacturing companies have started exploring innovative revenue management techniques in an effort to improve their operations and ultimately the bottom line. Firms are employing methods […]
June 15, 2015

Ensuring Continuity of Care: A Quantification of Risk in the Healthcare Supply Chain – NSF Supp 08

Sponsor: National Science Foundation Research Team: Sarah Root Universities Involved: University of Arkansas Start Date: 08/01/09 End Date: 12/31/10 Summary: According to a report by the National Coalition on Health Care (www.nchc.org/facts/cost.shtml) healthcare spending in the United States was $2.4 trillion in 2007. This equates to $7,900 per person and […]
June 15, 2015

RET: New IE Challenge – UA10-RET1

The IE Challenge provides an opportunity for middle school and high school students to learn about industrial engineering.