June 15, 2015

Fleet Optimization for Oilfield Production Enhancement Services – OSU04-HLBT

This project attempts to develop a working tool to optimize the type of equipment meant for a specific process
June 15, 2015

Experimentation Test-Bed for Evaluation and Benchmarking of RFID Technologies – CDP-05 OSU Collaborative

Sponsor: CELDi Research Team: Satish Kukkapatnam, Vignesh Rajamani, Bradnon Lee Gardner, Jayjeet M. Govardhan, Andrew Contreras, Sharethram Hariharan Universities Involved: Oklahoma State University Start Date: 10/31/04 End Date: 11/01/05 Summary: Study of the origins of complicated patterns in sensor signals from manufacturing machines, processes, and specific infrastructure and lifeline systems […]
June 15, 2015

The Oklahoma Supply Chain and Logistics Survey – OSU06-OMA

This project conducted a survey that aimed at identifying how the different companies in an area manage their logistics, as well as, to identify best practices and areas for improvement.