Equipment Scheduling and Optimization – OSU05-HLBT

The Oklahoma Supply Chain and Logistics Survey – OSU06-OMA
June 15, 2015
The Modular Pallet System – OU08-DAC
June 15, 2015

Equipment Scheduling and Optimization – OSU05-HLBT

The objective of this project is to increase asset utilization and efficiency, optimize assignment to jobs, develop an optimization model to model backup requirements for equipment failures, and robust assignments to jobs.



Research Team:

Rick Ingalls

Universities Involved:

Oklahoma State University

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End Date:



In this project the goal is to develop an efficient method for the assignment of pumps to jobs at the Halliburton company, while satisfying the technical and business constraints determined by real-life operations. With this objective, this research proposed integer programing formulations for the problem, and performed several computational experiments with the resulting models.
This project, led by Drs. Ricki Ingalls and Carlos Oliveria, will create an optimization model that will determine the optimal configuration and assignment of pumping equipment at the multiple Halliburton camps. It will be able to schedule equipment from multiple camps to known jobs so that pumping equipment utilization is maximized. We believe that this model will show Halliburton how to more efficiently utilize their pumping equipment.