RET: Network Flow Models in Transportation and Logistics – OSU08-RET

Engineering Development of Automated Temperature System – UA05-CNAG
June 15, 2015
Load Building Tool – Phase II – OU08-DAC LBT
June 15, 2015

RET: Network Flow Models in Transportation and Logistics – OSU08-RET


National Science Foundation

Research Team:

Manjunath Kamath

Universities Involved:

Oklahoma State University

Start Date:


End Date:



In this project, the participating teacher, Mr. Thomas, would work closely with PI Kamath and co-PI Balasundaram on mathematical models for engineering problems in transportation, distribution and logistics (e.g., flow assignment in networks and facility location). An example assignment would be the participant’s involvement in a current project that PI Kamath co-directs, which involves the development of a Freight Movement Model for the State of Oklahoma. Co-PI Balasundaram also focuses on novel approaches to network modeling and analysis in his research. In particular, social network analysis, data mining and clustering using network optimization methods are important concepts today, especially in studying complex engineered and natural systems. The participant would be involved in data analysis (e.g. using Regression models) and mathematical modeling (e.g. assignment of freight flow to links on a transportation network using optimization models) and network visualization (e.g. using software for visualizing clusters in a network). The participant would be exposed to novel methods to study such problems; to available software packages for tackling such problems; and the numerical and computational issues that need to be dealt with while addressing large-scale Industrial Engineering problems. The participant’s activities at Oklahoma State University would also contribute to the ongoing research efforts within CELDi.