FFM: Containerized Freight Flow – OU08-FRTII

Engineering Development of Automated Temperature System – UA05-CNAG
June 15, 2015
Load Building Tool – Phase II – OU08-DAC LBT
June 15, 2015

FFM: Containerized Freight Flow – OU08-FRTII


Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Research Team:

P. Simin Pulat

Universities Involved:

University of Oklahoma

Start Date:


End Date:



Researchers are continuing an effort with the Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation to examine import/export container flows between US ports and foreign ports, Port-to-Port Ocean container flows by commodity and by time between US and the world. The objectives are integrating various databases from the public sector, assigning flows to various networks, conducting flows and scenarios analyses, and providing insights and databases for port flow and security policies.