The Modular Pallet System – OU08-DAC

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June 15, 2015
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June 15, 2015

The Modular Pallet System – OU08-DAC

This project implements a Modular Pallet System in a process


U.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center

Research Team:

Cengiz Altan, Mrinal Saha, B. Mustafa Pulat, Jen Pazour

Universities Involved:

University of Oklahoma

Start Date:


End Date:



This project’s objective is to replace the current pallet packing methods of a process with a Modular Pallet Syatem.
This statement of work outlines the steps involved in the testing, prototyping and fabrication of the modular pallet system developed by the University of Oklahoma for the Container Roll In/Out Platform (CROP).

Based on previous studies, a few candidate materials and manufacturing methods that can be used to fabricate prototype pallets have been identified. Subsequent, structural analysis, weight and cargo volume considerations and review of the readily available materials suggested high-performance, pultruded polymeric composites would be an acceptable choice as the pallet material. Other alternatives of hybrid aluminum/glass-fiber reinforced polymers may give the best price/performance characteristics.
Maximum stress is located at the interface between the wall and the base. Maximum displacement near the center of the base. Required modifications are: forklift requirements and crane lifting capabilities.