Performance Testing for PBSY and RBD Cottonseed Oils Blended with Biodiesel Methyl-esters – TT06/07-NCPA I

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June 15, 2015
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June 15, 2015

Performance Testing for PBSY and RBD Cottonseed Oils Blended with Biodiesel Methyl-esters – TT06/07-NCPA I

This project creates a representative cost model that can be used in later work to explore the cost feasibility of a process.



Research Team:

Terry R. Collins, Joshua P. Jones, James L. Simonton, Paul Kiererleber, Lisa Patviviatisiri

Universities Involved:

Texas Tech University

Start Date:


End Date:



The objective of this project is to investigate the costs of manufacturing cottonseed oil based biodiesel and develop a complex cost model to determine multiple financial characteristics of using cottonseed oil as a primary feedstock for biodiesel production.
The intent and purpose of this brief proposal is to describe the activities planned between the National Cottonseed Producers Association, and the academic investigators for the 2006 year under auspice of the Center for Engineering, Logistics, and Distribution (CELDi). The proposed activity will evaluate the existing cottonseed oil process to identify an optimal extraction point to integrate a blending process for cottonseed oil biodiesel. This study will focus on physical production characteristics of cottonseed biodiesel; any local, state, or federal permitting requirements; and retrofitting existing oil mill machinery to utilize cottonseed biodiesel.
Two basic software tools were utilized for developing the cost model, Microsoft Excel and Crystal Ball 2000 (Decisioneering, Denver, CO). The spreadsheet included linked organized data and formulas that were necessary to complete the model. Crystal Ball 2000 was used as the simulation software and it was applied to assign statistical distributions to the independent variables and prediction variables for decision analysis and forecasting. A free examination copy of Crystal Ball is available at:, under menu topic “Products”. The attached model can only be opened if Crystal Ball is opened first. The general appearance will be as an Excel worksheets with a Crystal Ball menu line added. Further results can be found in the final report.