Logistics Improvements at Lockheed Martin Part I – CL06-LOCK I

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June 15, 2015
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June 15, 2015

Logistics Improvements at Lockheed Martin Part I – CL06-LOCK I

This project addressed the taxonomy, hierarchy, and document structure for business processes and procedures.


Lockheed Martin Aircraft & Logistics

Research Team:

Kevin Taaffe, Michael Sawyer

Universities Involved:

Clemson University

Start Date:


End Date:



This project attempts to improve the ability of employees to access information and accomplish daily work tasks by improving the policies and procedures themselves, and then to focus on areas identified within the policies and procedures that could be improved.
In January 2006 the team began to evaluate and, if necessary, to develop an appropriate system to manage their Policies and Procedures. An assessment of current policies revealed there are multiple layers of existing documents, transcending from Corporate to individual departments.
Generally, documents at the business level and above are concerned with business practices and contain few instructions for actual work. The team therefore chose to concentrate on the documents that are most pertinent to delivering or affecting the delivery of product. The system design revitalizes the working relationship between internal organizations. This is accomplished by removing the traditional stovepipe methodology and replacing the standard practice instructions and lower documents with a concept driven by delivering products.
In conclusion this project has created a straight-forward and maintainable hierarchy for policies and procedures. It was provided a review of the current state and a way to move forward. This framework, with some modification, could be applied to most business systems, and would be especially helpful in complex systems which involve many entities and operations.