Assessment of RFID Implementation at PBA – UA04-PBA

Lean 6-Sigma Approach to Field Service Logistics – OU04-FAALC
June 15, 2015
TIE: RFID Micro-Tag for Container Integrity Monitoring – TIE OSU-OSU
June 15, 2015

Assessment of RFID Implementation at PBA – UA04-PBA

The objective was to investigate implementation of RFID technology for tracking.


Pine Bluff Arsenal

Research Team:

Justin R. Chimka, David Scott, Earnest W. Fant, Scott J. Mason

Universities Involved:

University of Arkansas

Start Date:


End Date:



Set short and long term goals in respect to warehousing and inventory at Pine Bluff Arsenals (PBA) implementing a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system (including hardware, software and tag options) to span a variety of data collection applications throughout supply chains, production, distribution, and storefronts reducing costs, improving core competencies, and better operating in general at PBA.
Assess the latest innovations in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and compatibility with PBA. Production and operational analysis with respect to RFID will be performed to produce short term and long term goals concerning the use of RFID. Included in the short term objectives hardware, software and tag options will be explored. A cost analysis and an evaluation of core competencies and operations will be performed to determine feasibility. An implementation plan will be developed to assist PBA in meeting both the present Army challenges and the Arsenals future. Long term goals will be the total visibility of produces across distribution, maintenance, and storage. The feasibility of use and the performance of the hardware, software, and tags will be paramount to long term solution. Recommendations will be made and the project will be documented upon completion.