Utilizing the Logistical Software Assessment Tool at NSWC-Crane – UL04-RET

Revenue Management in Logistics and Distribution – NSF Supp 07
June 15, 2015
24/7 Remote Monitoring of Work Zones and Intelligent Decision Support System for the Safety of Motorists and Highway Construction Workers – OU02-03
June 15, 2015

Utilizing the Logistical Software Assessment Tool at NSWC-Crane – UL04-RET

Define and measure workplace competencies related to logistic skills by designing a software package that allows supervisors and employees to evaluate their competency levels related to each job.


National Science Foundation

Research Team:

John S. Usher, Melissa Weir Boeglin, Russell R. Dart

Universities Involved:

University of Louisville

Start Date:


End Date:



At the University of Louisville, the proposed project is to build upon a currently funded CELDi project to be completed with the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane in Crane, Indiana. Crane is interested in research to determine how to define and measure logistics skills in their workforce. During the past fiscal year, two RET participants assisted in this project by conducting extensive interviews with subject matter experts at Crane and by developing an initial framework describing necessary logistics skills for various positions. During the next fiscal year, the CELDi membership in general and Crane in particular would benefit from once again having RET participation in the continuing project.
* Brief BU on project objectives and desired outcomes
* Filled software with logistics data from the Undersea Development Branch
* Populated assessment tool for Surface Training Section