Technology Insertion Lifecycle Execution (TILE) Pilot – OU06-TILE

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June 15, 2015
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June 15, 2015

Technology Insertion Lifecycle Execution (TILE) Pilot – OU06-TILE

The objective of this project is to evaluate IBM Rational Tool Suite as a tool for organizing tests and tracking defects in software considered for a specific application


Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center

Research Team:

Hazem Refai, Daniel Henry, Kyle Sparger, Carl Hatlelid

Universities Involved:

University of Oklahoma

Start Date:


End Date:



The objective of this project is to develop a series of tools that will help testers build good tests, and document results. The purpose of this paper is to test one such documentation method, IBM Rational Tools Suite (IBMRTS), and determine its value as a documentation and compliance testing tool.
The proposed effort will perform an investigation into the Acquisition Lifecycle Execution (ALE) methodology for potential use at Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC). The ALE methodology was developed by the Air Force Material Command’s (AFMC) Operations & Sustainment Systems Group (OSSG), Weapons System Contracting Branch (KSM) to support systems engineering, software engineering, program management, and acquisition disciplines.
The objective of the proposed effort is to investigate best practices, templates, and tools in the ALE and adapt them for use in the OC-ALC Technology Insertion Process.
The IBMRTS is a powerful set of tools for large testing projects. For simpler project it is more efficient to use spreadsheets and word documents to handle the documentation. There is certainly enough flexibility with the tools to choose whichever one is needed for any specific test project. Some tools such as ClearCase should be used for every project while other tools such as ClearQuest should only be used if the situation absolutely requires them.