Research Experiences for Teachers 2005-2006 UL – UL05-RET

Revenue Management in Logistics and Distribution – NSF Supp 07
June 15, 2015
24/7 Remote Monitoring of Work Zones and Intelligent Decision Support System for the Safety of Motorists and Highway Construction Workers – OU02-03
June 15, 2015

Research Experiences for Teachers 2005-2006 UL – UL05-RET


National Science Foundation

Research Team:

John S. Usher

Universities Involved:

University of Louisville

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Because of the tremendous growth in logistics and distribution related activities in the Louisville metropolitan area, the overall goal of the project is to introduce and educate middle/high-school students and teachers to the field through the development of a challenging yet dynamic logistics curriculum. The basic elements of this curriculum will be developed by math/science teachers at Crothersville High School in Indiana, during the summer of 2005, and implemented during the Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 school year.