RDC Scheduled Delivery – UA08-WM

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June 15, 2015
Experimentation Test-Bed for Evaluation and Benchmarking of RFID Technologies – CDP-05 OSU Collaborative
June 15, 2015

RDC Scheduled Delivery – UA08-WM

Daily deliveries from the regional distribution center (RDC) network exhibit variation that makes it difficult to effectively schedule labor (minimize over/understaffing). Therefore we were motivated to consider changing the trailer release and delivery process and/or forecasting method that informs scheduling. These considerations also helped us to appreciate tradeoffs between store service and transportation cost.


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Research Team:

Justin R. Chimka

Universities Involved:

University of Arkansas

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Daily truckload deliveries from the Regional Distribution Center (RDC) network exhibit case volume variation such that stores are unable to effectively schedule labor. The problem is to explain case volume variation, recommend processes for reduced variation, and improve store labor scheduling practice (subject to logistics considerations).