Inventory Planning and Optimization at BioMarin –

Cognitive Modeling of Group Decision Behaviors in Multi-Cultural Context – YR3 UA-AFRL 2065
June 15, 2015
TIE Research Program on E-Design for Supply Chain – TIE OSU-UA
June 15, 2015

Inventory Planning and Optimization at BioMarin –

Development of tools and algorithms to automate current production planning approaches at BioMarin, and to optimize the parameters of those approaches.



Research Team:

Phil Kaminsky

Universities Involved:

University of California at Berkeley

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End Date:



BioMarin currently uses an inventory planning system based on initiating production of specific end items in order to ensure that forecast inventory levels never fall below a required minimum. This system is currently managed manually. In this project, we first develop a tool that automates this planning based on exogenously determined minimum inventory levels. Once this tool has been validated, we will use it as a key component in the development of algorithms to optimize these minimum inventory levels.
This project consists of two key steps:

1) Develop a spreadsheet based tool to automate inventory planning based on minimum forecast inventory levels in end-product inventory.

2) Optimize those minimum levels to ensure that demand is met while mimimizing inventory holding cost and expired inventory.