Demilitarization Knowledge Management Application for Transitioning the Ammunition Stockpile – OU03-DAC1

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June 15, 2015
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June 15, 2015

Demilitarization Knowledge Management Application for Transitioning the Ammunition Stockpile – OU03-DAC1

A visual, interactive tool developed to provide industrial education.


U.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center

Research Team:

Kurt Gramoll, Greg Olson

Universities Involved:

University of Oklahoma

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End Date:



This project outlines the design of an interactive informational database application added to informational management system for the technologies used in ammunition disposal and to assist in the training of personnel worldwide required by The Defense Ammunition Center (DAC) in McAlester Oklahoma. The web-based system allows users to navigate through applicable technology paths for a particular ammunition family from disassembly to handling of waste streams. The system is user- friendly and provides information that is quickly and easily accessible by all installations.
To assist in the demilitarization of ammunition it is proposed to develop a prototype Ammunition Knowledge Management system to automatic the construction, maintenance and data retrieval for Ammunition Technology Trees used in the current MIDAS information system. The new system will be web-based and use Flash graphics to visualize the technology tree structures for each ammunition family. Currently, all technology trees are constructed in Visio or PowerPoint, which makes their updating and retrieval difficult. The new web-based system will store all information in an Access database that can then be accessed by a Flash template to dynamically construct the technology tree. Different parts of the tree structure will be linked to additional information from current MIDAS databases to provide the user additional information.
The application developed for the DAC provides a great amount of functionality. Being web-based it is accessible from any internet connected computer. The method of content generation is efficient due to the availability of database editing in both the web forms and Flash interface. The necessary hierarchal relationship of information is handled by the application making Technology Tree generation easy for the administrator. The Flash interface allows for outstanding information access in an intuitive format. This application exemplifies how a graphical interface can be implemented to aid in education and information sharing in industry. The system design is adaptable for other types of information management for education.