Center-Designated Project: Multi-Objective Decision Support System – CDP07-UL

Revenue Management in Logistics and Distribution – NSF Supp 07
June 15, 2015
24/7 Remote Monitoring of Work Zones and Intelligent Decision Support System for the Safety of Motorists and Highway Construction Workers – OU02-03
June 15, 2015

Center-Designated Project: Multi-Objective Decision Support System – CDP07-UL



Research Team:

Gerald W. Evans

Universities Involved:

University of Louisville

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A major problem encountered in many reverse logistics systems involves the acquisition, training (and timely scheduling of that training) of workforce personnel. These activities must be accomplished in an environment involving multiple projects, each consisting of multiple tasks (with various types of precedence relationships), requiring personnel with various skills and associated skill levels. Decisions which must be made include which workers to train, the types and amounts of training to give to each respective worker, and the scheduling of the tasks of the projects. These decisions must be made in a dynamic environment, involving (uncertain) forecasts of future workload, changing project priorities, and fluctuating workforce levels. In addition, tradeoffs among a variety of objectives must be considered, including task/project finish dates, training costs, worker preferences, and resulting workforce skill levels.