October 25, 2014

Paper Highlight: Best Practices for Industry-University Collaboration

Universities can be major resources in a company’s innovation strategy.  But to extract the most business value from research companies need to follow these seven rules. View article online
October 20, 2014

CELDi Researcher, Chase Rainwater, Selected for Symposium on Engineering Education

The symposium was a meeting of faculty members who are developing and implementing innovative education approaches. The participants, who were nominated and selected by members of the National Academy of Engineering, spent two and half days sharing ideas, research and best practices in engineering education. View article online Frontiers of […]
October 14, 2014

Paper Highlight: Trailer Fleet Planning for Industrial Gas Distribution

Abstract For industrial gas providers, fleet planning is important to their financial and operational performance. This article considers long-term vehicle purchase decisions, medium-term vehicle relocation decisions, and short-term rental decisions that are useful for increasing flexibility to meet time-varying demand. A mixed-integer programming model is developed to minimize total distribution […]