October 4, 2014

CELDi Researchers, Ed Pohl, Kim Needy & Heather Nachtmann, Gain Recognition at American Society for Engineering Management conference

Several University of Arkansas industrial engineering faculty and students were honored at the annual conference of the American Society for Engineering Management in October in Virginia Beach, Virginia. View article online
October 3, 2014

Paper Highlight: Analytical Models for Warehouse Configuration

Abstract The performance of a warehouse is impacted by how it is configured, yet there is no optimization model in the literature to answer the question of how to best configure the warehouse in terms of warehouse shape and the configuration of the dock doors. Moreover, the building blocks for […]
August 15, 2011

Supply chain Network Simulator Using Cloud Computing – CDP10-SCNS

The goal of this CELDi Center Designated Project is to enhance previously developed multi-echelon supply chain simulation software so that it can be used by CELDi organizations through a SaaS architecture that leverages the resources available within cloud computing (CC) At the end of this project, CELDi member organizations will have available to them a SaaS/Cloud computing application capable of evaluating the performance of multi-echelon supply networks through simulation. This software architecture will facilitate software benefits based on a usage model and develop expertise within the center for this new computing architecture.