Virginia Tech enhances CELDi expertise in logistic systems, supply chain design, and material flow analysis. Specifically, their research thrusts include: (1) logistics systems analysis and design, (2) supply chain inventory planning and resource investment analysis, (3) disruption and evacuation planning, and (4) analysis of flow for assembly systems, distribution systems, and hospital systems. These thrusts are led by experienced faculty in the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech in collaboration with faculty in the College of Business and the other university partners. The results of this research contribute to the design and operations of logistics systems, the effectiveness of logistics and supply chain practitioners, and to the body of knowledge in logistics and distribution research.

The CELDi academic partners merge unique research strengths to provide innovative logistics and distribution solutions for our member organizations. At all our campuses, research activities, graduate and undergraduate course offerings, professional development and continuing education opportunities combine to form the foundation and structure for educating the next generation of engineers in logistics and distribution centers. Academic Guidelines