Lead Time Reduction via Logistics Streamlining – Customer Proposal Analysis Phase – LH09-FLS
June 15, 2015
MU CELDi helps company save more than $2 million
September 2, 2015

Plan of Commercial Development of San Pedro Coahuila as Logistics Center – TT10-SanPedro


City of San Pedro, MX

Research Team:

Timothy Matis, Gerardo de la O

Universities Involved:

Texas Tech University

Start Date:


End Date:



The objective of this project is to do research in adopting Lean and best practice SCM by detecting and improving bottlenecks in Ports to Plains and Mexican Corridors, to analyze city ports information infrastructure to balance, coordinate, and standardize their information systems, and to offer educational and research programs to form a skilled and professional workforce.
Problem in context: Take advantage of the geographical potential of San Pedro, Coahuila county for establishing and developing a viable local, regional, and international logistic node.
Which strategies, guidelines, and key factors of success are optimal for San Pedro, Coahuila?
Which local infrastructure is required to create a sustainable competitive logistic node?