Research Tool

June 15, 2015

Stock Positioning for Personal Equipment and Spare Parts Inventory in Military Logistical Systems – UA01-05B

This project examines the inventory issues involved in determining stock positioning strategies in a multi-indenture system.
June 15, 2015

Performance Evaluation of Intermittent Demand Forecasting Techniques – UA04-NAVSUP Add

The objective of this project is to develop a Demand Categorization scheme , compare relevant demand forecasting techniques; the measures of performance being error, and study the effect of aggregation of demand history and the demand attributes
June 15, 2015

Fleet-Level Selective Maintenance and Aircraft Scheduling – YR1 UA03-AFRL3

The goal of this project was to investigate the use of a mathematical modeling methodology for managing the dynamic maintenance planning and sortie scheduling issues of a process.