The CELDi academic partners merge unique research strengths to provide innovative logistics and distribution solutions for our member organizations. At all our campuses, research activities, graduate and undergraduate course offerings, professional development and continuing education opportunities combine to form the foundation and structure for educating the next generation of engineers in logistics and distribution centers. Academic Guidelines

The UC Berkeley research team consists of faculty from across campus with broad interest and world-class expertise in the design,UC Berkeley analysis, and operation of logistics and supply chain systems. UC Berkeley is the home of the Initiative for Research in Biopharmaceutical Operations (IRBO), an initiative within the UC Berkeley CELDi site focusing on production systems, logistics systems, supply chain, inventory, and distribution within the bipharmaceutical industry. Research in operations requires the input of experts across disciplines, and typically involves investigations at the sites of participating companies - IRBO provides the biopharmaceutical industry with a hub for this type of interaction. UC Berkeley CELDi researchers work with member firms to design and manage operations in novel and effective ways, understand and utilize emerging concepts in biopharmaceutical operations management, and contribute to the development of state-of-the-art of biopharmaceutical operations. Our goal is to increase understanding of biotechnology operations and to improve the reliability, efficiency and power of related techniques and decision-support systems.